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20131204_094819Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you my experiences of Stonehenge and Glastonbury.

Stonehenge Experience

For me, the energies of Glastonbury were much more intense than Stonehenge.  I felt the energies of Stonehenge when we were driving up to the site.  Energies were pulsating throughout my body upon arrival.  It really was an amazing feeling.  The most incredible thing that I remember is when Meline was filming Stonehenge and as she moved the camera to the center of the stones, you can see the energies on the screen on her camera as they were pulsating.  Meline will post this video soon.

However, you could not access the stones as the area was blocked off.  This lowered the experience for me as I would have loved to sit in the middle of the stones and touch them.  In any event, a beautiful experience.  

Glastonbury Experience

Glastonbury was a completely better experience for me.  As we drove into town, you could see the Tor on a hill that was a few miles away from the car and I was already feeling the energies running through my body.  We went up to the Tor two times, the first time in the day and the second time at midnight.  When we were up the first time in the day, Meline connected with Gaia who mentioned that we should come up at midnight, so we did. We did a meditation together before going up at midnight.

I remember being taken up to the Tor during the meditation and sitting in the Tor and all the masters were showing up.  First Jesus, then Lady Master Nada, and then Mother Mary.  Then all the Arch Angels were appearing one by one, greeting me, as were all the Ascended Masters including Gaia.  It was one of the best and visual meditations of my life.  I saw each master and then was crying.  It was so real to me.  I was told that they were all waiting for us at the top and that we would all be protected by AA Michael and his legion of blue light.  Meline was told that the fairies would light the way for us which they did, I feel.

Once we were there, at the top at midnight, I felt the energies.  I saw this white film all around me and could see between the cold air around us.  There was soft movement around me at times and different colors as well.  At one point I focused on a light within the city below and saw this light getting bigger and bigger.   Then I saw the face of Jesus and sensed so many energies flowing through me at that time.  Then the face changed into a figure of Jesus, illuminated in white.  His hands were slightly pointing down and the palms were outward pointing at me.  It was pure amazement as the Jesus energies kept rolling though me at this time.

Then I was guided somehow to do an energy healing on Gaia’s heart, given that Glastonbury is the Earth’s heart chakra.  I saw myself holding the heart and the heart chakra in my hand.  I began to say that you are cleaned and cleansed.  I envisioned myself cleansing all the chambers of the heart chakra and scrubbing all the negativity and congested and blocked energy of humanity away.  Then I envisioned the heart chakra and heart being engulfed in the violet flame.  I then said “you are happy, you are healthy, you are healed, and you are sealed.”  I envisioned a seal being slowly placed around Gaia’s heart and heart chakra.  I then said “you are activated” and saw myself touch the heart and heart chakra.  The heart and heart chakra then began to move slightly and vibrate.

I then said “you are energized with liquid white light and with liquid color healing light and energy and you are filled with liquid white light and liquid color healing light and energy.” I then saw the Earth’s heart and heart chakra filled and energized with so much light and fresh energy.  Throughout this entire process, I was being filled with so much energy and light.  It was truly a remarkable experience for me.  After I was finished with the heart healing, I told Meline what I did and she said that she was also healing Gaia’s heart at that same time with the violet flame. We were both healing Gaia’s heart at the same time and not knowing it.  Amazing synchronicities!  Then we got back to the room, but apparently brought back some dark energies, beings or entities with us.

As I was lying in bed, I felt this darkness presence around me and immediately asked Arch Angel Michael to remove any and all dark entities, beings or energies that are around our energy fields or in our room.  I felt immediately better.  As this happened, I told Meline what has just occurred to me and how I felt the darker energies and she immediately told me that she did as well and told me that she asked Arch Angel Michael to remove them as well.  This was the second time that Meline and I were doing the same thing without knowing it.  First the healing at midnight of Gaia’s heart and heart chakra and then the removal of dark energies from our energy fields.  Another wonderful synchronicity.  We were at Glastonbury on Wednesday and I am still feeling the integrations of these energies.

Today is Sunday, as of the writing of this posting.  These energies have changed me so much.  I feel I have slept for a year.  I am sleeping almost 12 hours a day or so after Glastonbury.  I feel myself being worked on and a huge consciousness shift has occurred in me.  The biggest change that I feel is the feeling of love that I have.  The love in me has been heightened.  It is hard to describe.  I feel that I am sensing so much more of what love is not, and what is left over is what love is.  This is part of the release and shedding that we are all going through at this time as only love can move forward with ascension.  The Christ Consciousness IS LOVE!!

This has been an incredible experience for me.  I would recommend that everyone go visit the heart chakra of mother earth.  It really is a life changing experience.  I am sending all of you love and many blessings…

Love – Andy

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Sending all of you love and many blessings…

Andy Bojarski

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