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LarryLarsonA question was asked about receiving guidance from a master teacher both before and after they have returned to their nonphysical form.

Even with one who is fully enlightened — the confusion lies within you. You see them in their physical form and you think that’s where they are, and that’s just a temporary focal point. And it’s good to be in the presence of that teacher in their physical focus but that’s not where they are. Where they are is nonphysical, infinitely interwoven space, present in all physical space, underlying the presence of all physical forms; and that’s where you are too.

But it’s just this temporary point of physical focusing that you are presently being that throws you off, you see. You always have access to that which is nonphysical, to all the vibrant, vital, knowing, loving energy that underlies all of physical form, but you don’t get to it through physical forms. You get to it through your own inner guidance connection. You get to it within.  

When you reach within you find the fullness of all being; it’s in the place where Source flows through you to become you. It’s who you are. When you reach outside yourself to a physical form for connection you throw yourself off center and off balance. The nonphysical presence of Life Source Energy is indeed flowing through that physical form just like it is through you, and in some that Force is strong! It gets your attention.

But the thing to do is to be in that Presence, enjoy that feeling, and identify that feeling within yourself. And when you go home connect back with that feeling place and allow the Voice of Spirit to speak to you and through you as much as you can and in whatever ways that you can.

You are loved and blessed upon your journey.
~ Twelve

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