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December 12, 2013 The Portal Opening to Changeover at New Earth A Global Meditation with Lord Sananda, the Admiral and Lord Ashtar, the Captain

This is Kalki Maitreya, through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 5, 2013

Greetings Warriors of Light. Ground Crew.

You are Pure Consciousness. You are Whole. You are Complete. You are Enlightened. You Possess Great Knowledge. This Illusion we live in, created is transitory. Transforming Earth from the Unreality. Do Not Dream. Wake Up! You Are Dreaming. Awake! Arise! And be with Yourself. You possess all the Love, all the Joy, the Nectar of Immortality. Come to Yourself. Come out of the Veil of Illusion. Remove That Curtain! There is nothing lacking in you. You have all you need. You are the Embodiment of Peace, Prosperity and Love.
Each one present was volunteering to be stand-in surrogates for all life on this planet–200 million galactically seeded expressions, and the Planet itself–through doing this healing inside the Master Hologram of this Universe Nebadon.

Today we were joined by:
Beloved Presence of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Mahadevi, Cosmic Council of Twelve, Twenty-Four Elders that surround the Throne of Grace, Mother Sekhmet, Melchizedek, Metatron, Archangels Michael and Faith, all Elohi Councils of the Light of God, Archangels of the Tree of Life, all the Archangels and Angels of the Light of God, St. Germain, Sri Aurobindo, Hyos Ha Kodoish, Paradise Sons, all The Monads of the billions of Souls incarnated on Earth, Great Divine Director, Melchior, Lord and Lady of Sirius, Lenduce, Vywamus, Lord and Lady of Arcturus and The Arcturians, Sanat Kumara, Atlanto, Adonis, Archangel Sandalphon, Hermes~Thoth, Lord Lincor, Kla-la, Mon-ka, Korton K17, Tom the Ring Tail Cat, Helios and Vesta, Ashtar, Athena and the Asthar Command, Archangels Jophiel and Christine, Chamuel and Charity, Gabriel and Hope, Raphael and Mother Mary, Uriel and Aurora, Zadkiel and Amethyst, Elohi Hercules and Amazonia, Apollo and Lumina, Heros and Amora, Purity and Astrea, Cyclopia and Virginia, Peace and Aloha, Arcturus and Victoria, Mahachohan, Allah Gobi, Hua Hu Ching, Lao Tzu, The Emerald Buddha, Lord Buddha, Babaji, Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya, Zoser, Dr. Lorphan and all The Galactic Healers, Platinum Angels, Sai Baba, Rama, Krishna, Kabir, Rumi, Pantanjali, The Lady Masters, Lady Cassiopeia, Lady Helena, Isis, Horus, Osiris, Quan Yin, Pallas Athena, Portia, Anandamayi Ma, Saradamani Devi, Lakshmi, Lady Master Nada, the Six Buddhas of Activity, El Morya, Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Djwhal Khul, Office of the Christ, Office of The Divine Mother, all Initiates and Disciples from the Synthesis Ashram and all Seven Ray Ahsrams of the Christ, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, KOS, Saint Germain, Eagle Command, Celestial Command, Order of the Golden Robe, the Earth Mother, Dolphins and Whales, Pan, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, the Devic and Nature Spirits, the Elemental Kingdom, Ganesha, the Manifestation Council, Divine Mother, Silent Watcher of the Cosmos, Lady of the Sun, Lady Liberty, Lady of the Light, the Native American Master Elders, Hanuman, Multi-Universal Logos, Interplanetary Confederation of Love and Light, the Extraterrestrial Guardian Alliance, Tribunal Council of the Galactic Command, the Goddess Lodge, the Christed ET Lodge, the Eastern Masters Lodge, the Occult Western Lodge, the Entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, the Core Group and Friends:
We set intentions today for future Earth. We planted seeds on the Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal levels going back to the God Head for healing of all forms of life on the Planet and Healing All Disease. As we did this timelines back to our Origin were healed. Galactic Angels rewove the ascension fabric of every woman, child and man, past, present and future on Mother Earth and the changes were anchored in back to the 100th Dimension of the Cosmos in Wholeness…..continues http://ElizabethTrutwin.org

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