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Sophia Love

Sophia Love

What is becoming gradually obvious now is “slave-speak”.  This particular dialect holds an emphasis on waiting, hoping, needing, depending, asking, obeying and fear.  The sooner we drop this lingo, the faster we shed these shackles.

If you are waiting to see your freedom announced in a newscast or blog, you’ve missed the point.  Sovereignty does not come from outside of you.  It is a deep understanding and agreement with each moment of your life.  A sovereign being lives in concert with every action taken and each word spoken.  A sovereign being is the absolute truth of you.  All else is illusory; a deliberate and brilliant magic trick.

As we morph and evolve, we intimately witness our personalities.  We’ve become cooperative participants in a rigged program of servitude.  You are not your Facebook status, latest tweet, salary, grade, number of “likes”, game or credit score, automobile, home or outfit.  These are deliberate diversions.  You are an aspect of divinity, a multi-dimensional piece of consciousness, that part of Source who chose to experience itself as you for this brief moment.  You are powerful beyond measure and there are none greater.  There is no one to obey and no one keeping score.  
Sovereignty is living from your internal sense of truth.  Sovereignty is the end of hoping and the beginning of knowing.  A full realization of your sovereignty recognizes that waiting, wanting and wishing are fruitless enterprises.  Once you get it, you know, you do and you are.  You do not ask, watch or wait.  It is a subtle yet powerful distinction.
This Fall, I became the primary driver in a one car family.  Each day I drop off various family members at work or school – I joined the “rat race”.  This has taken hold in my life as a good deal of it is now spent in traffic.  Although we share more “time” together, our relationships have not been exactly enhanced.  The “time” in the car is primarily spent steeling up for wherever we/they are headed.  Creativity and inspiration are absent as duty, competition and compromise become the focus.  “Time” spent out of the car and back home is first of all limited and secondly used for decompression rather than inspiration.
An emotional exhaustion takes its toll on all of us.  There is a desire to disconnect.  Constant activity in direct contrast to my inherent nature wipes me out.  There is no room for genius in a life spent recovering.  There is a tendency to disengage; to witness life without active participation in it.  Numbness results.  These attributes aren’t natural, yet they are vital if manipulation is the point.
We are here to connect, to engage and to enhance.  We came to love.  This program of ownership has run its course.  Ideas of deserving, winning, worshipping, obeying and blaming do not support a free people.
Notice where the “slave-speak” is still active in your attitude. This is habit; a learned and practiced pattern that is not natural. Empowered beings do not wait for Saturday, holidays or “sick” days to fully experience and participate in a self chosen life.  In the U.S., many of us do not even feel able to relax on those days; corporations rule lives and retail stores stay open 24/7.  If you look into the eyes of their employees and listen, you’ll feel the full impact of ownership.
We’ll have to do something different, something new.  Waiting and watching must end.  It could be anything – anything not passive, subservient or mind numbing.  We are not what we appear to have become.  We are gods.
You don’t need law or college degrees to run for office, start a movement, invent a better way to do something, teach or lead.  You know who you are and what you are capable of.  “Slave-speak” prevents you from testing your abilities and keeps you quiet.  Fear assumes someone or something knows better than you.  There is no one who fits that description.  What you don’t have, you don’t need.
We are waiting for an event and a finale; anxiously watching the skies and listening for disclosure.  The only way across the finish line is with our own legs.  The finale may be the most exciting part of the show, but it is put on by the same players who’ve been performing right along, the culmination of a great performance.  There are no surprise actors waiting in the wings to cross that line or act out this part.  It’s us.
We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

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