Embracing Our True Magnificence!

Free Falling into my JOY~~~~~
Looking through the eyes of my infinite soul….

Oh yes….. how I felt the urge to MERGE this last past week to live in balance and harmony, living and experiencing true divine union within me. The sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine within this Sacred Union of the ~~ONE. `Halleliua`

There was so much resistance to this merge for me~~
the imbalance was clear and it was within my feminine side, I’ve been really good at taking action, but was called for here was a deeper softness a deeper willingness to allow my innocence to “Be” and to Embrace the feminine principal of receptivity all the way down to creation.

The challenge was to be willing to let go of all attachments and
to allow myself to receive all the creations( intentions) I have put out, trusting that my hearts desire is lived and…

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