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Dear Ones, we are aware of the hardship being felt by some of you as the expected revaluation is delayed.  Many of you invested in dinar currency with the last few dollars you had by putting some on layaway, with faith that it would happen soon enough for you to be able to pay off your investment.

We are truly sorry that there are some who will lose part of the deposit you made because of the delays.  Nevertheless, if you were able to buy even a small amount of currency, you will not lose your investment.  Far from it.  Even a few dollars worth will be a good investment, although you will not be exceedingly rich.

We are asking Anne, Kathryn and others to create Help Funds to distribute money to those who are in dire need just as soon as the RV takes place.  They will be very happy to help anyone who appeals to them.  You will need to write a note to them to explain who you are, what your needs are, and give them your address.  They will be able to send a check to give temporary help until greater prosperity comes through from many other sources.  

Kathryn’s team will set up an email address, help@healingforascension.com to respond to the most pressing needs.  This address will be established as soon as there are any funds at all in her Foundation account to meet the need.  It will be official as soon as the revaluation happens.  Do not write to them beforehand, since they will not be able to help until generous donations and/or the RV funds come through.  Those of you with greater resources can speed the assistance by donating to Kathryn’s work at her website, www.whoneedslight.org.

From where you are on the ground, we know this process seems endless.  It is not endless – it is only unfolding more slowly than any of us expected.  We do not predict the future, as you know.  We can foresee the coming events rather accurately as a rule, but there are sometimes variables that act like a “wild card,” and may delay things more than we expected.  In the case of this enormously complex Shift, which will involve all 7 billion and more of you, it has been a long and arduous process.

Things are completely in alignment to produce the desired result – a complete global reset of currencies which will raise the value of the national currency in Iraq, Vietnam, Indonesia and Zimbabwe, among others  This is a happy occurrence, because it will allow countries which have been terribly disadvantaged to join the international community in terms of trade, currency exchange and desperately needed economic development.

As the difficulties with the U.S. Treasury Department continue, there is less and less interest in maintaining the current systems.  The ones who remain in positions of influence from earlier administrations are uncooperative not because they wish to create problems but because they are unawakened.  It is difficult for them to grasp the magnitude of the good which will be achieved by the global reset for the countries around the world which have been so oppressed by the former systems.  They are unable to envision how the fundamental changes will create anything but chaos, and they are afraid to put their weight behind something so seemingly radical, so different from the previous system.

It is not that they can obstruct the process in any meaningful way; the decisions have all been made, contracts in place, and general agreement between countries is more comfortable and enthusiastic every day.  You are going to be seeing treaties to reduce nuclear weapons, to increase trade with countries which were isolated in the past, and all these movements toward peace will bring greater prosperity and cooperation between the peoples of the world.  It is the hope that when unfair restrictions are lifted, and individual governments are persuaded to step aside and let their people find their own ways to develop cooperative systems, it will have a great leveling effect.

It is difficult for those who invested so much in the 3 dimensional status quo to envision a world in which all prosper, where military might is not used as the tool of first resort in every dispute.  The people of the world are losing their taste for constant conflict, destruction and death.  As the energies rise, a new perspective on life is taking hold. While there are still some outspoken war mongers in positions of power around the world, you are beginning to see a softening, a growing sense of cooperation, and real movement between countries which were traditionally antagonistic toward one another.

These changes will evolve gradually, but they will be felt all around the globe simultaneously as they unfold, increasing the synergistic effect – the process you might think of as nudging the world toward the tipping point.  Then, in a cascade which will appear to some as if it is sudden and miraculous, a chain of events will occur which will change life on Planet Earth forever.  There will be no further need for military might or a massive police presence when there is no longer any poverty.  Those at the top were fond of promoting the belief that people are inherently bad (although they did not attribute this to themselves, but only to those who steal bread).  It is simply not true.

When all are prosperous, generosity and compassion thrive.

We want you to know we are working hard, with the help of your brilliant and beloved Masters, to move the process along.  We are in constant contact with our hardworking team on the ground.  They have already created what you would call miracles if you could see the progress they have made.  All is unfolding now.  All will be done.  It is not up to us to set a date or to predict what will evolve.  You, humankind, are the ones who determine the outcome of this Grand Project.

Do your part to speed the Shift into abundance, peace and well-being.  Keep your energies high, your attitude positive, and your heartmind centered on being of service to others.  Repeat your mantras all day long:  “I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT. I AM GOD.” Add the mantras to manifest perfect health and prosperity for yourself as well, “I DEMAND THE EXPERIENCE OF PERFECT HEALTH.”  When you do this, your cells hear your command and will follow.  Remember, never say, “I am sick, I am poor, I am not enough.”  Your body and mind will command of the Universe that it manifest sickness, poverty and lack especially for you.

These are Universal laws we are teaching you.  Work within the benevolent framework of Universal Law, and your life will evolve into happiness, triumph and peace.

Now is the time for you to shine, Beloved Ones.  Step into your destiny as the leaders, the creators and the builders of a New Golden Age.  It is now.

We love you without end,

Your Mother/Father God

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