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As Bill at American Kabuki said, more of an “activation” than a battle. All the celestial bodies with a role to play know exactly what to do.

Activation is the name of the game now. There are all kinds of exquisite energies bouncing around the Universe at this time—many of them engaged to do a specific job. It seems the celestial dance is about to reach a fever pitch. Humans are not the only ones being activated by energies and vibration.

Everything is energy, right?  That’s how the game is played.  It’s all good. Revel in the joy of it. Watch for shifts. Be open for the beauty that is unfolding in sacred geometry, light, colour, sound, emotion.  

Although this was all planned eons ago to bring us our freedom from the dark, no one—not even Source—knows precisely how this will play out. It’s historical, breathtaking, mesmerizing, astounding, extraordinary—any over-the-top positive adjective we can think of.

It’s all about LOVE, so there’s no room for fear.  I think we can prepare to be wowed, and I’m breathing it in.  I believe Source is about to finish the last out-breath of creation and take a rest for awhile as we cavort around our garden of Earthly delights after we have brought Heaven down to Earth.  ~ BP

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