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Comet ISON – Physical


Later this month, on the 28/29 November 2013,Comet ISON will travel approximately 1.1 million km above the surface of our Sun and on the 26/27 December 2013 will pass 64.2 million km from Earth.  This is Comet ISON’s first orbit through our inner solar-system.

During it’s transit travelling at approximately 377 km per second and being heated to a temperature of 2760 degree’s celcius, the comet will be visible to the naked eye in late November to late December 2013.  This is presuming that the comet does not get vaporized or does not explode from the Sun’s gravity… though NASA believes that the comet will survive.

The closer Comet ISON gets to the Sun, the more visible the comet becomes, due to the ice in the comet’s body vaporizing and creating a glowing illuminessence with a distinctive tail.

Earlier in October, the comet passed by the brightest star in the Leo Constellation Leo called ‘Regulus’, then passed by near Mars… and now in this month of November will pass by a bright star called ‘Spica’ in the Virgo Constellation as well as Saturn.  It will then be close to 1 degree of the Sun on the 28/29 November 2013.

On the 26/27 December 2013, Comet ISON will make it’s closest approach to Earth, just a third of the distance between Earth and our Sun at 64.2 million km.

Earth will then pass near the orbit of Comet ISON 14/15 January 2014, after the comet has passed.  There is a possibility of meteor showers at this time (remnants of the comets dust particles), thought this is unlikely as Earth is not passing through the direct tail of Comet ISON.

Comet ISON (known as C/2012 S1) gets it’s name from the two amateur astronomers that found the comet in September 2012 using Russia’s International Scientific Optical Network.  The size estimates of the comet varies, with the comet’s nucleus estimated to be 5 km in diameter (Swift estimates) to 1.2km in diameter (Hubble Telescope estimates).


Comet ISON – Metaphysical

As Comet ISON moves closer to our Sun, it’s frequency will provide a potential of illuminating the power of the creator from within.  Its energy will ripple through our Hearts, reflecting the Light that exists within each and everyone of us, the power of Creation itself.

The Light will help to transmute the pain of the shadow self and bring hope, faith and renewed strength.  It is a reminder that ‘we are the ones that we have been waiting for’, and that each and every one of us has the power from within to make an impact within the world, and be the change.

Some of us maybe facing very deep ‘shadows’ within ourselves at this time.  We each have FREE WILL & Divine Choice on how we work with these aspects of self.  Comet ISON provides the opportunity for each of us to free ourselves from our self-imposed chains, the constrictions that our belief systems and societal memes place upon us… and awakens our consciousness through the activation of our Pineal Glands (through our Golden Crown Diamond).  You can choose to LIVE your DAYs through your pain and darkness or you can choose the path of light, conscious clarity and authentic truth.  You can CHOOSE to awaken to the field of LOVE through your heart.

Walk in nature, bath in fresh water, swim in the ocean and lie upon the Earth… allow the Crystalline field of Gaia… which is illuminated through the light of Comet ISON to transmute belief sytems / imprinting based on a foundation of FEAR.  It is time to SURRENDER and fully embrace the power & light of your Soul… we are Quantum Leaping into the field of conscious heart resonance… humanity is awakening to ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’.

You just have to LOVE yourself enough to be that change! Looking at the numerology of the 29 November 2013, it adds to the number ‘10’, the two binary digits of the masculine (1) and the feminine (0), coming together in harmony and oneness.  Unity in our diversity.