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I wanted to take this opportunity to mention to everyone that the upcoming holidays are a wonderful time to practice our skills of change and bring back the true meaning of the holidays within our own homes and our own hearts. The usual pressure by mega corporations has begun in earnest for people to buy and spend their way into the oblivion of deeper debt for superficial reasons, totally disconnected from true meaning and from love. People are camping out in front of big box stores to be first in line for a big screen TV that will do nothing for them but enlarge the lies for them to watch. People are fretting how they will afford to buy Christmas gifts, all the trivial trash made in China and doing nothing for our own economy at all, at the same time they are having their health care destroyed from the inside out, prices are sky rocketing and pocket books are now empty. When will we stop this insanity?   

We must not buy into this fiction about Christmas and gift giving. It is not about what gifts you give, it is about the love of family and the strong bonds you create. The same goes for Thanksgiving. It is not about how big a meal you can cook up to prove your worth. Again it is about family, the gratitude we all have for our lives and each other and all that we have been blessed with. Regardless of whatever hardships we may encounter, let us remember they are placed before us to present us with a lesson to be learned, like a badge of honor earned, that we may go forward and grow. Much energy is lost and wasted by concentrating on ones misfortunes rather than embracing them for the gifts they are. They offer to teach us what we must learn to evolve.

Simplicity in life clears away the clutter we bring into our lives and so often get lost in, clutter that strips away all meaning and leaves us feeling ungrounded and without purpose. Simplify and make love the center of your being. We must stop allowing ourselves to be sucked into the perpetual drama being played out before us in the media as a distraction to keep us from connecting with ourselves and discovering the real meaning of life and what it holds for each of us. It is all about loving ourselves, loving each other, helping one another with a compassionate heart, following the magnificent synchronicities of day-to-day living that guide us through life so we are no longer alone and adrift in no man’s land. It is the reconnecting with the earth and all the beauty she has to offer us and the animals who co-exist with us if we just allow them to instead of killing them all. There is so much more to life than Wal-Mart, big screen TV’s, black Friday’s, or worrying about signing up for health care that will not offer us anything when all is said and done. It is all a ruse.

We need to remember it is we who teach our children and if we wish to teach them values and how to acquire a more meaningful life, we must teach by example. If we show them over indulgence and materialism, that is what they will incorporate into their own lives as they grow into adulthood. Materialism was designed for the sole purpose of making money for corporations, at the same time distracting us away from the true meaning of life. We need not fall prey to that if we keep things simple and reconnect with life in the present moment and feel gratitude for nothing more than just being alive at this time as the paradigms shift and the world becomes a whole new experience. Make your holidays special and fill them with love and each of us will become a major part of pushing the new paradigm forward.

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