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There are numerous articles and books written about “manifestation”, the various techniques and the various ways that YOU can work to manifest everything from a partner to a million pounds in your life and the old 3d earth pushes these constantly.  How many of you reading this blog have read these books, tried the exercises and ended up MORE frustrated than before you read them?  This is a deliberate construct of the old 3d earth paradigms, created in order to further contain and suppress you.

“WEALTH” is internal, it is the frequency that you hold that determines the reality which YOU can create.  At ALL times it is must be remembered that YOU create your reality.  In the old 3d earth paradigms you CREATED a reality from within a set of frequencies that were given TO YOU. These frequencies are not TRUTH, they were altered and distorted prior to being inserted into the energy signature of Planet Earth and then anchored through the connection that the human vehicle naturally has with its host planet which of course is Mother Earth.   

As Mother Earth was kept in a lower dimensional frequency then the cycle of “karma” was anchored over and over by the human race. The “promise” of attainment mixed with the frustration of not “achieving” said attainment. The prize always just out of reach, shown to YOU by those who exist in a different dimensional space than the majority of the human race. All of it ILLUSION, the smoke and mirrors deliberately created in order to fuel the frustration and anxiety that is needed to create the fear frequency that the old 3d earth NEEDED to survive.

Many of you reading this blog may trigger when you begin to realise that the old 3d earth paradigms were never about the human race per se, they were always about keeping the planet in a lower frequency, to keep the inhabitants of planet earth confused and running around in frustration enabled much to be done to the planet, hidden in plain view. It is the planets’ resources that those who sought to contain and suppress the human race needed to control at all times. Akin to robbing a bank and putting on a fireworks display at the opposite end of the street, most would turn and look at the fireworks filtering out what was happening at the bank.

So what does all of this have to do with SELF worth? well SELF worth is precisely that SELF.  I have lost count of the people who have said to me “this is not all about you, stop being so selfish” in response to much of what I create within my human life experience.

At all times I correct them in this, it IS all to do with me for it is only ME who is creating MY life experience. If it is not about me who else would it be about? for I can only be me, I can only live as me because I have incarnated as me in human form. This is a TRUTH that many struggle with, when I ask others questions about themselves the majority of the time they will go into great detail to explain what they do and what they have and why.

That is not the question I have asked. I have asked them about themselves.  Who you are is not your job, not your relationships, nor your possessions and yet the old 3d earth creates this illusion to keep you from SELF. I recently had a heart to heart with a close female friend of mine who was struggling with SELF worth.  She stated to me “you have no reason to love me”.   Why would you need a “reason” to LOVE another, LOVE is the default setting for YOUr SOUL, it is only when you incarnate into human form that you are then TAUGHT to fear the very frequency that YOU ARE.

Those who are in my human life experience are fully loved without expectation, to place expectation on another no matter what your relationship is to walk in the teachings of distortion.  For expectation is a tool of the old 3d earth, even with those who are what is termed “spiritual” many will attempt to defend and justify who they are and why they are here.  Why would you justify who you are in response to LOVE?  for in TRUTH YOU JUST ARE.

It is to be remembered that ALL is frequency, this frequency then manifests as the “apparent” solid reality that you walk in, the “real” world. In order to manifest you must become aware of the FREQUENCY that you are running so that you are fully aware of what can be created. No amount of cosmic ordering will work for you if you are running a frequency that is low as frequency will resonate with a frequency only within a certain bandwith. To move into creating the life that you dream you must MOVE your frequency to one of a higher dimensional vibration. The highest vibration that exists in this universe is that of LOVE.

This is NOT romantic love that is defined over and over through the media and through human society. This is the LOVE that IS, this is reflected in nature and in the hearts of babies. ALL come into this world fully aligned with the LOVE that IS, it is only the expectations of others that begin  the teaching process that sees babies grow to children who then begin to try to be what they are expected. Most of this is subconscious, how many of you reading this blog feel you are a disappointment to your parents? I ask because this is one of the deepest teachings of distortion and one of the most challenging to actually see, it is not possible to dissolve something that you cannot see, first you must illuminate the frequency you are running then work to dissolve it.

It is to be remembered that ONLY YOU can VALUE SELF, if you make the CHOICE to devalue SELF then you will lower your energy signature and then begin to create within a lower frequency range. The lower the frequency range you work within then the more that life will “appear” to be a struggle.  It is not your actions in this human life experience so much as the frequency that you are emitting. This frequency will filter your life to match that which you are running within you. It will blind you to opportunities presented to you, it will blind you to joy, to happiness and any other higher dimensional frequency that is available as you will not be in the “bandwith” that is required in order to access these frequencies.

Akin to wifi,  if you could SEE the wifi connections that are used from house to house you would be amazed at the cobweb of frequency that is created, as you cannot “see” it you do not reference it but you walk within it and interact with it daily.  In order to manifest your reality within the New Earth you must first of all anchor TRUTH in relation to SELF WORTH, this is the KNOWLEDGE that YOU ARE and the KNOWLEDGE that YOU ARE LOVE.  There is much the old 3d earth will place in front of you at this time in order to try to convince you to believe that YOU are anything but.

As each smoke and mirror comes up to try to teach you that YOU are other than YOU then YOU are asked to look at the mirror and to CHALLENGE the reflection, ALL that is TRUTH will strengthen within the New Earth frequencies, all that is NOT TRUTH will dissolve.  If you do not challenge that which is shown to you it can do neither, it will just stay there.  It is a CHOICE that you take from moment to moment, your CHOICE is to walk in FAITH and TRUST of SELF anchoring your worth or to allow the old 3d earth to teach you that you are other than who you are.

NO ONE else can do this for you, for ALL at this time are going through the same process, indeed there may be many in human form around you who will try to persuade you to hold their mirrors FOR THEM and try to convince you that you share mirrors with others. This is NOT TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequencies. ONLY YOU KNOW YOUr worth and this is seeded within YOU, it was seeded within your HEART space prior to your incarnation for YOU KNEW at SOUL level you would forget when you arrived here in this human form. The journey to TRUTH is a personal one that starts by opening your HEART and VALUING SELF by LOVING SELF. From this ALL else FLOWS and expands and strengthens.

If you are struggling with manifestation at this time I would urge you to look at the picture again, for it cannot manifest in anything but TRUTH, allow your vision to clear and understand that until YOU VALUE YOU then nothing else will move in this your human life experience.  VALUE is not money, it is not possessions or people, VALUE is a FREQUENCY that exist all around you, it is the LOVE that IS in TRUTH and you access this at all times through the HEART SPACE.


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