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danger - misinformation21st November 2013

By Dr. Michelle Kmiec

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Our society is sicker and far more drug dependent than ever before. Yet few people are asking the obvious questions.

Why are we so sick with new diseases and syndromes each year?

Why the need for prescription drugs on top of more prescription drugs?

And fewer still are asking the most obvious question of all:

Could all this sickness be due to health deficiencies caused by: air pollution, contaminated oceans, nutrition-deprived processed and fast foods, nutrition stripped over-farmed soil, and genetically modified foods?

We have become a “symptom suppressing” society that is basically too drugged and numbed by doctors to even notice! The irony being that it isn’t illegal drugs that we should be worried about, but the “legal” ones!   … read more (word count 2038)

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