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Sophia Love

Sophia Love

November 18, 2013

The answers here are to questions about these recent reports about what is going on “off world”, as well as the following question, from another reader:

“Conflicting perspective?

To “riot” against the Illuminati control.. ( I assume this means march or protest physically), sign petitions, inform others etc.
This seems useful and in alignment with one of the necessary steps to assist more awakening and a larger Consensus.

On the other hand, if there is no right or wrong and to push against darkness actually feeds it……

Then I would ask for a clarification or elaboration on how best to awaken and overthrow, not consent etc. vs simply stay in love….

This issue is a constant source of confusion for me and I was not able to get a real FEEL for the most constructive way to proceed with this…   

Thank you”

Good Day Sophia!
Ok, I will try to comment on these questions.

Like You know Sophia, final preparations from Light side are made and now, like they said it is only for Humanity to make the last thing to be done. Always follow what is closer to You, Your Inner Voice/One will aid You in understanding and knowledge on non physical developments. One is always with You.

The developments in non ethereal reality is this, from our knowledge. Evil dark side is at it’s ending phase of rule over this world and reality, it was gradually suppressed by People’s connected thoughts, Love and Compassion gave greater boost for this clearing out of old “negative thought” dark energy leftover, which was in state of stagnancy. The oldest most powerful dark energy pulse is almost 400 cycles old. These pulses are suppressed with each new moment of time. They will collapse eventually.

What is happening beyond this world could be interesting for Everyone, but this is not a necessity for Humanity right now. Our advice for You right now is just to focus on this world and it’s developments, it is way too important for Your own being and future. What You are doing now will impact next thousands of cycles into the future.

The second question for a great beloved Friend. This issue was a problem for a whole humanity’s lifetime since religion was “created”.

“Doing evil when it is necessary, means we are not holding to our path of Love, in which we must not do such things.”

This taught was always haunting People around the world for many ages. The answer on this is as simple as this taught. You can ask Yourself “what will be better”, for You, for Your Body, for Your relatives, for Your Friends, for Whole Humanity, for Mother Earth, for Father Sun, for grandfather Sage, for Galaxy, for Universe, for Creator.

Before You will do something, make sure You understand Everyone around You and their thoughts, suggestions. To better understand others and their proposals, we are always “switching ourselves to others’ boots”. There, we see how that person is feeling. Understanding of whole world and Universe around You is the key to harmony and symbiotic coexistence. That is higher than Light and Dark sides separated.

The option for riots is not necessarily, it is only one of those prerequisites for moment of Justice/Event to start. It can be skipped, but we see that if great changes will take place, protests can be very abundant. The question for Everyone will be left the same, will You use aggressive or calm behavior on these protests? Choosing and understanding, these two words may and will aid You well.

Much Peace and Love to You!

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