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The New Earth is in Manifestation, with A Foundation of Unconditional Love, the Only Law that Exists, can exist, Will exist, and has Ever Existed.

No matter what is unfolding in illusion, the Reality is, is that all Atoms On Planet Earth are moving into perfect Balanced Harmonics, and All of Humanity including all life on Planet Earth are moving into this Frequency, 5d reality.This is why we Say A Family Reunion~

What is unfolding right before you, within you, and all around you, is Love is Here to transform all discordant Energies into Love Everywhere Present. There will be those who attempt to run and hide from this process, but this will no longer work as We are now in The Final moments of duality and all must be cleared. Duality ego based thinking must now be Transformed for the Next Events to unfold~

~The Incoming Activating Energies~

These activating Energies are strengthening the Higher Grid Energies Intensifying the Clearing and Cleansing Process across the Planet and clearing the way for the next facet of the Divine Plan. Also, what these energies are bringing in, is an Intensified Balance on the Planet for More Higher Light to Enter~

Love has Decreed this so, and Love Holds the Highest Decree on this Planet.

All that is not real is dissolving and What is Real Will be Blossoming, as We All Together Become One Brilliant Light of Living Truth. This Is Mother Earth’s Destiny AS She Lightens Up The Higher Grid With The ALL Love Is Everywhere Present, In readiness to Parade before the Central Sun. Her Destiny is to Be In Pristine Condition.


Join us at the higher grid http://www.tinychat.com/galacticpress

Visit us at our website http://www.soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress

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