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Okay. Time has passed and I have stayed pretty quiet, as I said I was not writing my blog anymore unless something catastrophic happened or something was noteworthy of writing about to help the world move ahead and settle further into the new paradigm. Well, I guess this is one of those moments I cannot look past or ignore. Day after day the main stream media geeks continue to pick over the failures of Obamacare, attacking the parties, once again dragging the people down into the mire of negative crap to keep them distracted and held down where they feel we  belong. I cannot take it any longer without speaking out. As most of you know I don’t watch the news stations and the propaganda they spin, but I do pass through them on my way to other stations. It is hard not to hear what is being said. It is pathetic and shameful to say the least. Can they not ever get to the heart of a matter and spin it truthfully? NO!  …  

Everybody seems consumed by the failure of the Obamacare website, which party is responsible, when will it be fixed, how many people are loosing their policies. Blah, blah, blah…It drones on and on to distract us from the heart of the matter. Who gives a damn if the website is not working? Who cares how many have or have not signed up? What is the heart of this matter we should all be paying attention to and screaming about to Congress? The fact that we have been FORCED into a mandatory situation that demands that we purchase something whether we want it or not or else be penalized! This is America folks! Are you willing to allow this atrocity to our constitution to remain in place? If they are so concerned about numbers why not give them a number to remember?

It is time to come forward and speak out and demand this illegal law be taken off the books and all those pushing it through be voted out of office at the next election! Someone start a tweet in favor of abolishing Obamacare!!! Hit the like button here and get the numbers rising. If we remain silent and allow this assault on our freedom to continue unchallenged then we deserve everything we get! THIS IS THE HEART OF THE MATTER! It is not legal to force the people of this country to buy something if they don’t want it, much less be PENALIZED if they don’t! Period the end! They could have insured all the people who didn’t have insurance with the money they have thrown away on this disaster. This is beyond understanding. It is not worthy to be the subject of conversation. The topic of conversation should be about the illegal move they made by doing this in the first place. Are the people ever going to get fed up enough to crawl out from under their hiding places and do something?

Someone please start a tweet @abolishoc( abolish Obamacare) and start the ball rolling. Enough time and money has been wasted on this travesty. Time to halt it in its tracks and find a new way to move forward compassionately to help the people find adequate health care! There is nothing caring or compassionate about Obamacare what so ever. It is cold and calculated like everything they do. Enough is enough people!!! Speak out, do something and fight to restore the freedom we have lost. It is never too late to fight for what is right. We are right, our new world is right and it needs us to fight for it. Lets do it and make ourselves heard. Lets stir up the pot and make a difference finally.

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