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First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action, expression

Moon: Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

11/5/2013 AUDIO UPDATE – Kamala

Many times, after a planet has been retrograde and then turns direct again, we have a sort of slingshot effect.  Anything that has been held back or resisted becomes straightforward in clear and measurable ways.  When Mercury is retrograde, our thought processes, beliefs, and mindsets are overhauled and refined/reworked because Mercury affects our minds and how we think.  It’s cognitive.  Mercury retrogrades are confusing and frustrating times, but truly they serve us because we inevitably gain clarity and are able to do things correctly – that is, whatever is in line with our correct course.  …

Clarity brings certainty.  What do you feel certain about today?  The answer requires us to be honest with ourselves.

If you aren’t certain about anything, you might be before night’s end because Mars has moved to the degree known as “a volcanic eruption” and the energy of this always brings catharsis of various kinds.  It shows us where we are resisting.  The Lotus Goddess Kamala assists us with all of this because she is the goddess who supports and assures.  Her embrace is like a rescue vest.

Kamala is also mistress of kundalini, the serpentine power coiled in our DNA that, when awakened, enlightens us and causes spiritually ecstatic states of being.  Kundalini is vitality.  It helps us align.  During Kamala’s lunar months, kundalini is always activated, either awakening in people for the first time or recharging in people already activated.  The recent X-flares from the Sun (the being the ancients called Sabaoth) are enhancing Kamala’s work with kundalini, supercharging it.

Kundalini rising and volcanic eruptions – now, that’s a day!  But the only explosions we are interested in are the “mind-blowing” types.  We are slingshotting out of the error of our minds – the places where we’ve lead ourselves astray.  We are blowing out the restrictions and limitations that prevent us from seeing that we are deeply immersed in the very body and consciousness of the divine being that created the template for our species.  In the same way as sea travelers in tall tales find themselves inside the belly of a whale, we come to find ourselves living inside a goddess.  Everything around us is her.

Slingshot your mind this way and see if your outlook or your direction changes.  What do you feel certain about today?


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