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[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans – this is Archangel Raphael speaking. Today I’m coming with a lot of news and many new pieces of information being very useful to you.

Go into your heart and focus on your inner space of it – feel into that very sensation and become fully aware of it. I am at your side while you are reading this message. And I’ll be with you always when you will read my messages as I want to ensure that you will be given the very chance to become cognizant of all energies which we as Archangels do possess.

Go into your heart and become aware of me. I am with you – do accept it as a fact although you may not having evolved in such way that you are able to sense it too. Only that you are not feeling it does not mean that it isn’t so.

Let us start with all the information I am having for you this weekend. There again are incredible, wonderful matters which have occurred during this previous week. Humans’ light is shining, no, it is vividly lightening the entire universe. More and more nations of the stars now take notice of the ever approaching time when human mankind of planet earth will wake up.

Many various channels here on earth receiving messages of Light did in fact obtain alike information in their messages. It may all start now – start now – this wonderful time is ever so much approaching and thus this means time of awakening too. This will be such a festive event and this is why various light-ships of the Galactic Federation have been ordered into the orbit of planet Earth.

We do not mean ordering in the very sense that you are used to but it is just an expression of ours to make ourselves understood by using here lingual habits of yours too. This in fact is done out of Love to Human Mankind here and the particular ships are on their way to you. There are already many of them in this special quadrant and the number of them will increase more since the actual timeline for it is approaching in some fast way.

Ships of bigger size of all the Star-Folks are remotely kept farther away since they might disturb this planet and its magnetic field in some considerable way and this is why they will enjoy the entire drama of evolution from afar – yes, you were right hearing the expression “Enjoy” in this very context.

Following next here will also enjoy you to some great extent as now we have been permitted to inform human mankind i.e. you of the following. This channel is not the only one making this message public as there will be others too which obtain this very message as well within the next days:

“My beloved humans, this is your All-Divine-Father speaking to you within this my son’s message. I have come here in order to announce your awakening is imminent now. You have progressed so far that we may lift up the veil of human forgetfulness now. You are prepared now to finally return to the Divine Lap of God. Thus this will turn your separation from the Divine Realms shortly into some other story of your historic background. I, Your Heavenly Father, together with all my children will welcome you with my embracing. Welcome, welcome, it won’t take long until you arrive here at home again!”

After your father has now submitted to you a tiny welcome it again is my turn to continue here. He, our Father, is still here and you will sense his presence here further on – at least those with some inherent sensitiveness for it. Enjoy these high frequencies of vibes since it is some present from Him and myself to you!

There is still another topic coming up now, my beloved humans. I do feel greatly honored to announce herewith: Soon it will be done – that we, my brothers and sisters of us ArchAngels will be able to celebrate the reception of you arriving here shortly. Last details are under clearance – final hindrances are being swept away and there is only one sole target left for us …. and that is you. You are our target and with it goes your ascension.

Please, hold on – hold fast – there is a huge wave of Light and Love on its way to you! Another opening of portal will take place too which is in none of some context to some special event under the skies of the stars. It is the matter of some very old and forgotten portal which had been installed by your Star-Brethren in your galaxy some millions of years ago. Let us call it a “Super-Portal” !

This “Super-Portal” will be activated now when your moon will reach its highest peak meaning when Luna in her next phase will reach her maximum of effectiveness she also will trigger the opening of this very portal. Simultaneously this also will activate the power of this “Super-Portal” which will in due course connect your planet Earth to the Central Sun and the latter one will flare down the initial ignition – the initial energy down to Earth for the great Wake-up-Call to all Human Mankind and their reality of Now. This will become a huge event overflooding human mankind with light and love in some overwhelming way. That very energy will grow so much in strength that all dark powers will be like under the grasp of some huge Tsunami washed away for good ! All dark energies will by this time have left this planet altogether and forever ! They thus they will have had their special time on earth and will have gone not being here present any more !

As from this time human people of planet earth will definitely realize that they have been hit by something special and they will realize too that everything of the past must undergo some necessary change of which we have told you so many times before in our messages.

I do not want to disclose to you anything furthermore – still this is being said now : “It all is starting now and now it is upon you to make your final decision!”

When the “Wake-Up-Call” has reached you and this will happen in some very special and individual way since everyone here has its different plan, road of life and target pertaining to it – it is then that you will know for certain:

“Now it is happening and now I comprehend all of it!”

Concluding this somewhat longer message I have to tell you that my channel had to interrupt this talk for a short while since it was necessary for him to be grounded again firmly to Mother Earth. Otherwise it would have been much more difficult to withstand the powerful energies of this message. If he did not follow my summon at this very point he would have now some more problems than now sensing the energies all over his body.

You too will feel these energies and everybody in his/her very own individual way demonstrating that much more is just now happening than you will be able to realize. Take a bath in these energies and after having read this message leave yourselves a little to feel the after-effects of it for some while. Enjoy the love from me and our father which is entailed vibrationally in this message.

With such great love to you all – from your Father and ArchAngel Raphael


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