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Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


The energies characterizing our present world are a confused mixture of some bemoaning the conditions of the “old” political, educational, and religious systems while others work to create the New World of Love, Peace, & Abundance for all.  Between the two extremes, we witness the last vestiges of a society that has been saturated with messages of violence:  “Have a problem?  Solve it by violence.”

According to many who have dedicated their lives to bringing about a New World, major changes are on the verge of taking place.  These changes will involve learning that 99.9 % of what Earth humans have been taught are lies.  The world that we have known is crumbling as increasingly we learn of lies on which we have based our lives and world view.

Because in Truth, Love is all that is, Earth humans are being assisted by our brothers and sisters who have ascended in consciousness before us.  We will very soon meet these sisters and brothers who are Earth’s Ascended Masters and our galactic family.

The groundwork for our New World has been created behind the scenes and is ready to be rolled out into public view as the old world collapses.  However, Earth humans are to be the “actual creators” of this New World.  The Ascended Masters and our galactic family are here to assist.

At present, we reside on the 4th dimension where learning to live as examples of Unconditional Love is our major lesson.  We are in the process of learning to move from the 3rd dimensional competitive, violent (physical, emotional, or mental) ways of relating to others … to … beholding and relating to all others—regardless of differences—with unconditional love.  Perhaps the most difficult lesson of all is integrating the Truth that Love is all that is into our lifestyles—living within the understanding that there is nothing to fear … that we are lovingly cared for in every way … that we are never alone … that we can TRUST we truly are One with all that is and that All that is is Love.

Jesus incarnated 2000 years ago to demonstrate with his own life the Way to ascend into the higher consciousness that is present on the 5th dimension.  Our sojourn on the 4th dimension lasts only as long as it takes us to become beings of Love, thereby qualifying us to ascend to the 5th dimension.

The series of lessons included at the following URL can be of assistance in learning to live in a world where Love is all that is.


As mentioned above, we will very soon be meeting in person some of Earth’s Ascended Masters.  The following article introduces the Ascended Masters who are dedicated to assisting Earth humans move forward in our spiritual evolution.


During this short interval between today and the actual time of overt major changes, studying the above can assist us in preparing for our giant leap in evolutionary consciousness.

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