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 Karen Doonans Energetic update for the New Earth

The unfolding of the New Earth energies…is now expanding and growing once more. Unlike the very “chaotic” energies of the linear month of October, the New Earth energies will now increase in frequency in order to help support the DREAMS that reside within YOUr heart space…Many of you may be able to FEEL the change in the structure of the energetic frequencies…This may appear in your outer waking world as a set of synchronicities that confirm to YOU all that you have begun to allow yourself to ANKHOR…For many of you at this time the analogy of the game of tug of war may trigger you…At ALL times you have a choice of how to FEEL regardless of that which APPEARS to be happening in the outer waking reality that you exist within…ANYTHING is possible and if you can DREAM it then you CAN CREATE IT…   to read more click here

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