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Michael Ellegion

November 1 2013

Dear Anne,

Just saw your email regarding a copy of Tuella’s book, “Project: World Evacuation By the Ashtar Command”, which you stated could be obtained by clicking on the link that you provided. When I clicked on it and checked it all out, at least one of the chapters of the complete book is missing at the end, specifically where Tuella shares how the Ashtar Command physically manifested, on three separate times, very early in the morning, in gigantic mother ships, which she saw up in the sky on the horizon. As she shared, that these three separate physical appearances/sightings of the mother ships “symbolized/represented/Confirmed/Verified” not only the accuracy of what she had earlier Channeled for her book, but also specifically of the fact of the plan for the three different main “waves” of Light ships. Which at that time back in 1982, until the last few years, were referring to three main Waves of World Wide [Emergency] Evacuation, in the old time line. Now in this recently manifest new time line, having to do with three main waves of this more peaceful, open “First Contact” of mass landings of Federation Light Ships all over Earth. (I devoted a couple chapters of her book in my book, “Prepare For the Landings!…Are YOU Ready?”).

The exact “circumstances” and “timing” of these “Waves” originally expected by the Federation in the old time line, would have allowed them to only be able to “rescue” or “save” only a third of Earth’s humanity. But now in this new time line, as the entire planet is rapidly being pulled into the higher 5th dimension, most of humanity are able to Ascend with Gaia. So these “Waves” now represent the major “lift-offs” of taking masses of humanity, in greater numbers each time, up aboard the mother ships in this much more peaceful planetary transition, without as many violent and/or destructive actions of the cabal, or upheavels of Mother Earth that occurred in the old time line, because of the recent mass Awakening of humanity. But the Essence of what Tuella very clearly channeled back then, was and is still very accurately conveyed, of what was and still is, a very important overall message of how serious and urgent it is for mass planetary Divine Intervention to ultimately occur.

And as stated, the only difference in the specific message then, as verses more recently, is the exact circumstance & timing of how this form or type of mass planetary Divine Intervention is to now occur, which allows most all [at least 90 – 95%] of Earth’s humanity to survive, as verses then, of barely only a third as would have happened, had Divine Creation choosen to have given the Galactics the “Cosmic Green Light” for it to have occurred back then.

In fact, the extreme difficulty, if not downright almost seeming “impossibility” for our “Friends Upstairs” to be able to tell us EXACTLY, on WHAT DATE that they will be Fulfilling this Event, as was very accurately conveyed in this phrase in the Bible: “No one knows the exact hour of the day…” And with this new time line, it is assured that most of humanity will Ascend with Mother Earth, and will be openly interacting with our “Cosmic Extended Family”. It is no doubt that this will, indeed be occurring, and as I stated in my book, it is a “Cosmic Done Deal” and “Sacred Promise” that this long overdue Event is indeed going to happen, just as God has ordained that it will; it is, as was stated, the extreme difficulty or near impossibility to predict or prophecy exactly when. But we Do KNOW that this Event is indeed getting extremely close, and millions, if not billions of Earth’s humanity are all feeling or sensing that something “miraculously wonderful and extraordinarily beautiful” is about to occur that will forever transform humanity’s consciousness and reality.

I would share one more interesting point regarding how the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command had specifically given Tuella that “physical manifestation/Confirmation/Verification” of their ultimate plan to fulfill mass planetary Divine Intervention, right before she published her book, “Project: World Evacuation By the Ashtar Command”. And so it was with my book, “Prepare For the Landings!” that they also gave me a similar “physical Confirmation/Verification” of the accuracy of what I share in the book (as well as what is Channeled through my personal 90 minute Transformational Channeled Readings). This also occurred during a “UFO sighting” which was shared by a fellow Light Worker, Lance Campbell, a truck driver out of Salt Lake City, UT, who later experienced one of my Transformational Channeled Readings. This experience about his UFO sighting, I summarized and posted on July 19th in the Blog archived section of my website,www.MichaelEllegion.com.This posting, “UFO Sighting Helps Confirm Authenticity of my Book, Prepare For the Landings!” describes how the gigantic Light Ship specifically “moved up and down” in response to Lance’s telepathic question to them (while I was being interviewed live on George Noory’s “Coast to Coast AM” show” on Jan. 19, 2011 [this interview is posted on my web site]) whether he should believe me and the authenticity of my book. These Beings had already demonstrated their ability many times to accurately answer his specific questions with “Yes” and “No” maneuvers of their ship over many months since they had first appeared to him in 2010 while he was driving his truck along the highways. As I stated to Lance, in this fascinating description of the sighting, “Nothing like getting a ‘Cosmic Kosher Stamp of Approval” from our Friends Upstairs” to Confirm the Authenticity of my book. Just as Tuella had been given her own Confirmation those many years before, and how this was just one more very powerful Verification of what is very shortly going to occur, which is, as stated, both a “Cosmic Done Deal” and “Sacred Promise.” And as I also quite often share with those who are Guided to experience one of my Transformational Channeled Readings, “the Book helps give one a more Collective understanding of what is about to occur on a massive planetary scale, while my personal 90 min. sessions help give each Light Worker/Volunteer in Earth embodiment much more of an individualized aspect & Insight of how they each ‘fit into the Grand Scheme of things’” and how they can each be much more Empowered to be able to more effectively fulfill their individual missions for being here at this most exciting and challenging time of Earth’s history. Many Blessings to all, and to you on your most important missions for being here in Earth embodiment!

I wanted to also express something very important here. Just as our “Friends Upstairs” or “Cosmic Back-Up Team” so often have communicated through my sessions to the many thousands of fellow Light Workers/Volunteers in Earth embodiment that have experienced one of my personal Transformational Channeled Readings. Of how Honored they are to be able to now Re-Connect & communicate with those of us they Lovingly & respectfully refer to as their “Ground Crew” and “Cosmic Clean Up Crew”. I also want to deeply express how Honored and appreciative I Am, as part of the “Cosmic Ground Crew” to have Connected with so many of those of you who have experienced one of my sessions. And also that you have allowed me to be able to fulfill my own individual mission as a “Cosmic Telephone Line”, so that I have been able to help each of you to more [consciously] be able to not only [more fully] understand what each of your individual missions are, and how to more fully complete it.

I would also add here, for those of you who have already experienced the initial or first personal session with me, it would continue to be my honor to also do any other, future [update, question & answer] sessions that are needed to help you each more fully fulfill these very important missions that you experiencing—until the “Event” and mass planetary Divine Intervention does indeed take place.

As I shared (or attempted to share) with all those who I have been truly honored to re-Connect with through my own mission as a Channel and fellow Volunteer in Earth embodiment, through the many years since 1979 (after having been physically taken on board the Merkabah Federation Light ship, to have my own DNA altered to be able to do these Transformational sessions, as I share in my book, “Prepare For The Landings!”). I also want to remind all of those of you who have experienced a session with me, of the importance of playing back the CD of the recorded session many times, to allow the full potential of the very powerful “Higher Light Encodements”, which are “Cosmically Downloaded” from the Light Ship onto the recorded CD, to help in the Activation of your DNA, and the Transformational experiences that will occur from now on.

I wanted to also mention that for those of you being guided to experience other sessions in the future with me, that each of these Channeling sessions will also have Updated and more powerful “Higher Light Encodements, Cosmically Downloaded from the Elohim Consciousness Technologies” on board the Merkabah Federation Light Ships, to more powerfully speed up and intensify in helping each of your individual Transformations of your physical Earth bodies.

Many Blessings to you all.


Michael Ellegion
Transformational Channeled Readings
Preparing Lightworkers/Star People for
the Grand Cosmic Reunion

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