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Sophia Love

Sophia Love

It is fitting that included with the blog today are some words shared a few days ago in California.  Click here and you’ll hear Bob Wright.  He is speaking to all of us.

Here are a few more words, speaking to some who may just have joined the program, and are beginning now to understand what it is we have to give.

It is Agape.

I see you now

holding the paper

proclaiming my debt

to you

which lives beyond this life of yours

extending debt

controlling falsehoods

grasping for fairness

imagining love can be shown with a price tag

The fault is mine

I asked

you gave

it’s become our habit

me asking

you giving

I didn’t know it was love I was buying

Now that I do

I won’t ask again

I’ll pay back what I owe

perhaps then you’ll feel love

perhaps not

But know this

my love was there before the loan

and it remains there still

I don’t think there’s enough


to fill this void you feel

but love?

there is plenty.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


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