Thought for Food

MOORHEAD, MN – I’ve covered quite a bit a ground in the past several weeks, with much more to go before I return home. Today I’ll arrive in the town of Ramsey, near Minneapolis, where I’ll spend time with the company that makes the water transformation product we have dubbed, the Rainmaker.

A couple of days ago I spent an amazing morning in Helena, MT, with water wizard, Dan Nelson, whose “engineered” water, which he calls, “Wayback,” (something to do with time travel — “the Wayback Machine” — and the Rocky the Flying Squirrel TV Show), is virtually 100% efficient, compared to most waters that are over 90% inefficient. He explained how he ignored the electron, and focused his attention on “pumping” the hydrogen proton, to get this very special water, a half-liter bottle of which will prepare many gallons of highly therapeutic water.

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