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LarryLarsonThis is how natural your idealized state of being needs to become in order for you to realize it in your physical world: Think about how natural it is when you walk from one room in your house to another. Even though you have left your bedroom and walked into your kitchen, you still have a very good idea of what your bedroom looks like. You remember quite clearly the condition you left it in. Were there clothes on the floor? Was the bed made up? What color were the walls?

But more importantly you have absolute confidence that it is still there. It seemed pretty firmly attached to the rest of the house the last time you saw it. It’s not like your car, which might roll away if you forget to set the brake. But still if you have moved into a room on the other side of your house, you cannot see it. You have no physical evidence that it is there. But still you insist it is there. “Twelve,” you tell us, “I know it is there. I can feel its presence. Nothing has happened that would make it go away.”

That’s the feeling you need to have about your idealized state of being that you are desiring to manifest. You need to have practiced your imaginal reality to such a degree that you feel about it the same way you feel about your bedroom when you walk across the house—confident that it is there…knowing how it looks, how it feels, what condition you left it in…having faith that nothing has happened that would make it go away.

Practice in your imagination the new car, the new job, the new boyfriend, the vibrant health, whatever it may be, so that you know it this well. When you know it this well the Universe must attach it to your life like your bedroom is attached to your house because vibrationally, it already is.

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~ Twelve

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