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The human experience!

It is only a matter of remembering it… remembering why we came. Not to separate the spirit from the human but for the exact opposite reason: to merge Spirit with human. To Em-body as much Spirit as possible. How can it be any different? What would be the spiritual logic of em-bodying part of our Spirit-Soul in to a human body if the final goal was to leave it? To disregard it? To run away from it? To do anything we can to get out of it?

It makes no sense… And this is the real challenge! Understand… 

But the feeling is you want to leave…  go Home… go back to where you Feel Love, Oneness, Warmth…the Prime Principle. You want to get rid of the feeling of loneliness, pain, fear, separation… of feeling human! Of feeling fragile and hurt-able. You want to Feel your wings again, or whatever you’re striving for that has no name – and you KNOW it is more real than this. But is it really more real than this? Does it not hurt when there’s pain? It does… and that is part of the Miracle of creation. Not the pain… but the ability to feel all of the above and still thrive for more and better. The Miracle is expressed in not giving up, in the Awakening of a remembrance… of the E-merging of a feeling that there is something more. The Miracle happens when a human being looks in the mirror and Sees more than simply flesh! Looks in his or someone else’s eyes and feels there’s a different Life in there… some where…

And then the awakening begins.

The search for answers, the search for “who am I?” and for “why am I here”. A long quest into a meaning that can never be expressed in words as the answers always come in feelings. And humans still have to learn how to master feelings as they keep doing what they have been doing for a long long time… search for answers where they think answers are: outside. In others… in leaders… in books… anywhere but inside. And so they learn a lot, find many ways and many answers but the only one they are looking for: WHO – AM – I ?

No one can answer that question for you. No one but you. For if thousand people would tell you… you still would not KNOW. As KNOWING comes from feeling your BEing. From entering that place where our physical body gets our permission to em-body our Spirit and communicates that feeling bridging our Higher Self with our Human Self into an explosion of LOVE. Then, and only then, you start Knowing. Then you start feeling the wonder! And then the thrive for “Home” becomes even more intense! Cause you finally got a piece of the cake you were starving to eat.

And that’s Divine!

And you want more… you want all of it… and you start disregarding your human-ness as wrong, blameful, harmful, limited… anything that praises the spirit and denies the body. You believe you came for some sort of punishment or drama or whatever gives you a sense of pain and in-justice, anything that makes you a victim of something for how can it be possible that I got into this place into this situation into this limited body, me? the amazing spirit I am? And on the other hand, as you Felt part of the LOVE you Are, you also climb the ladder of the superhuman being, where you came to save all and are part of the super duper rescue team. It is all fine. It is all part of the Awakening and Re-membering path that brings you closer to TRUTH. Using the super-duper to move on and the drama to justify halts. Super Angel with shitty outfit.

And that’s very much human.

Disregard what it has to look for something better. And missing that the BEST is already here.

Well dear human, that is the trick! That is what you came for. That is why you wanted to be here, you wanted to participate in this wonderful experience of Em-bodying your Spirit into the very body you are wearing right now! Not to throw it away as if it was an enemy. Not to treat it as if it was a mistake, or a wrong edition of a better version. In fact, the version you are using right now is the best version for you, here, in this precise moment. It is the very best body you could use for the purpose you came for. For the memory you bear with you, to enhance your awareness and serve you in the most Divine manner.

If you so choose.

In Spirit… all are Spirit. And you still are Spirit. Your Soul is still your Soul no matter what happens while you experience a human body. It does not change and never will. What you choose to live here however changes your perception, your abilities and your day to day outcome. It enhances your linear perception or it enhances your multidimensional perception of reality. It brings you further away from your Self or closer to It. For it is all real. Anything you perceive becomes real. For you.

You can Choose to use the Gift you have been given to em-body your Self or you can Choose to reject it and deny it. And whatever you Choose will not affect your Soul. For your Soul is eternal. And you are Eternally Loved no matter what. Because for as real as it feels to play the human game it still is a game, and as soon as you leave your body anything that happened with it will dissolve into the TRUTH of LOVE.

Until you come back. For you will come back. There’s no doubt about that. Not because you have to or because you need to for some sort of punishment. Because you want to! You simply want to become more. You want to reach that point called ascension where you really em-body the Love you Are and Shine through the dream of space and time. Where you break the wall of illusionary limitation by expressing through your human body a Higher Consciousness of God. This is what you want. And this is what is Granted to You by God Itself! And this is the reason why you go on over and over and over again until you reach that state of Consciousness.

This is why you, as a human being, are already Divine. No matter what you do, you Are Divine!

And the very Home you are longing for is right here, inhabiting your body, and that longing is the very Gift that was given to you to search for your Self. It’s all already at your disposition. For it is you. And you are Loved beyond imagination.

Love, you!

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