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HeavenlettersGod said:

Beloved ones, will you consider omitting the word wrong from your vocabulary? There is no benefit in your thinking of wrong on behalf of yourself or upon behalf of another. Be done with allegations.

It is not for you to establish wrong in your mind or in another’s. Nor is it for you to establish error or mistake or the concept of misbegotten. Once again, I ask you to let go of harboring negativity. Negativity serves no one well. Did you think it did? You know what negativity feels like, and it is not necessary. Negativity is not meant to be your forte, beloveds.

Nor is this your Father’s business, dear ones, for My business is love and Oneness, and they are yours as well. You are here on Earth to love and to come to Oneness which is inevitably in store for everyone, every single one on Earth or every single soul who has ever been on Earth. Surely you are not here to promulgate down-heartedness. You are conscious beings, and you are to know what you do and come closer to the Sun.

No longer are you selfish. Certainly, accusing and hampering thoughts reveal you are thinking about yourself relative to another, as though putting someone else down raises you higher. Nor are you to put yourself down. This is not what you are meant for.

Accusations are not your domain. They are your prison. And when you accuse another, to whatever degree you accuse another, you are accusing them of being less than you, and you are imprisoning them in your perception – rather, your misperception, for, everyone is your brother or sister, for everyone is you, and you are everyone, and, at the moment, you are no more or no less than you see.

All you come across are reflections of you. You see yourself in others.

The Great Spiritual Ones also saw themselves in others. They saw high, and so they uplifted. This is what I ask of you.

You are what you see. When you see the sun, you are the sun. When you see the sun, you reflect the sun as it is. You, who are the Sun, are destined to reflect the Sun. The Sun shines brightly, and so must you. You are to be in the full sunshine.

And when you begin to see beauty and innocence and love everywhere, then everyone you come across will also be a reflection of you. As it is, you see yourself everywhere. You paint a picture of yourself everywhere. If you presently paint pictures of imperfection, then you are about to change your style of painting. As you are, so you see. The picture you paint is a self-portrait. As you write, so it is written.

You may say: “But, God, I have never really hurt anyone.”

And, yet, beloveds, you have wanted some others not be in your sight. You have wished some others not to exist. You have deleted them from the depth of your heart. You may have denied them their place in the sun. You have had thoughts and words.

Whether you are the speaker or you are the topic, words said, and words thought, do reach. Untoward words you think or say hurt you, and words you think or say hurt the ones your words refer to, and so the world at large.

Beloveds, like it or not, you are the subject you talk about. What you see in another is true of you. You have stuck daggers of words in other hearts and, in so doing, you have stuck daggers in your own heart. You have scattered ill-will.

When you have said or thought something unkind to or about another, you may have felt you were righteous, yet for how long can you equate a sense of self-righteousness with good will? I ask you to let go of wounding yourself or any other in thought or word. You are to be a wayshow-er. From now on, bless yourself and bless others. Allow yourself and everyone a place in the sun. I ask this of you in the supreme knowledge of your place in the sun.

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