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Thursday, 10 October, 2013  (posted 11 October, 2013)

Note from Wes: Reading this, I realize that I’ve personally stepped away from the desire to see things happen “yesterday”. I’ll admit that desire used to be strong and it may be for you currently, but it feels liberating to exit expectation and fully enter our roles in bringing our new paradigm about.

We live in a time of revolutionary change, catalyzing beginnings and endings that will help create a more loving world.  Here’s both the big picture and how it impacts you in your personal life. 

Big Picture

Endings in our times of unprecedented changes include a falling away of dysfunctional systems and approaches. Beginnings include creation of a brand-new way to co-exist with one another – fueled by love rather than fear. These energies of beginnings and endings are all around us now – they are global and they impact you and everyone you will meet.

It’s normal to feel impatient about progress towards the end result we want. You could even be weary some days, feeling fed up with the nonsense of bickering people and the continued uncertainty. The situation we’re in, however, cannot shift overnight, though of course we want it “yesterday.”

If you’ve been asking yourself what you can personally do to change things faster – at least in your own life – continue reading.

Your Personal Life

Unlike any incarnation before, your life this lifetime is an accelerated series of beginnings and endings. After all, as a divine changemaker, you are at the forefront of changes unfolding across the planet. This means you will move through change faster and have the opportunity of addressing much more unfinished business than you would in a typical life.

What’s unfinished business? It’s the conditioning of your own past and your ancestors that’s in your DNA – needing addressing and clearing for your enlightenment. Your accelerated path brings the unfinished business to your attention, appearing as a wake-up call.

All of your wake-up calls in this life are spirit’s way of nudging you forward on the path. That path leads to your discovery and embodiment of the divine nature encoded within your very DNA. Your true nature is not fearful or angry – it is good and loving.

Experiencing Goodness

Deep within you, there’s a desire to experience goodness and to see goodness reflected in your world. When goodness seems out of reach, you may get discouraged and complain about how mean spirited people are. You may doubt that humanity can raise its consciousness out of fear.

To be sure, trusting in goodness is not always easy in times like this. Deep within you, though, even in challenging moments, you know that love is at the core of all that is. The love that is you understands the cycles of life and trusts that love will prevail.

Yes, the world is in crisis, and this is the main focus of the news. The headlines speak little about the beauty of our planet or about the love that indeed is the transformational fuel for shifting our world into light.

You can help shift the balance by endeavoring to be as loving as you can be, directly addressing your fears – one by one as they appear. Each time you challenge a fear or replace criticism with understanding, you help to balance the fear and chaos within you and within your world.

When you remember that you are alive for the opportunities of living now, it becomes easier to accept and deal with the challenges of these rocky times.

This Rare Lifetime

It is rare that you are born into the juxtaposition of circumstances you have this life: (1) having access to spiritual teachings, (2) having a body and mind that can take in those teachings, (3) being born into a situation allowing you time for education and study, and (4) being alive during a global awakening of consciousness.

Do not underestimate this gift and what it allows you to do, be, and have. When you feel challenged or even hopeless about your life or the world, come back to this gift.

You have prepared for lifetimes for this auspicious life. Honor that preparation now by being all that you can be, doing your best daily to express the love that’s at your core. Sometimes you can feel separate from the rest of the world, but you never truly walk alone. Spirit is always with you.

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