There comes a point in life when one just recognizes people from past lives.. one just has a feeling of recognizing someone.. no knowledge of where, when, how … some people seem more familiar than others, their psyche is much closer to yours, and body language, looks is enough.  

Other times there is a much more intense feeling of knowing someone.. images flow in from the subconscious, memories i guess and those people just bring us closer to consciousness, it act like an awakening, like Cinderalla meeting Prince charming.

At this point in my life, I am getting to meet up quite a lot of new people, among which I do get to recognize a lot of them.. it is the oddest thing. as if there was never any death (which isn’t really i suppose), as i it was all in the same life.. and it is the same soul after all we go through lives after lives..
I just thought I would share this unique feeling with you today.
Feel free to share your own impressions and experiences

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