The Lightworkers Have a Lot to Do

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Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

We mentioned in our previous communication that as long as you have love in your heart and you’re willing to express this love to every facet of creation around you, you’ll find that your lives become much more enjoyable and the connections you seek to make are made with relative ease.

Some days, you’re going to have difficulty finding and acting on the powerful, heart-centered connections you have the potential to make, and when this happens, we encourage filling yourselves to the brim with love while refusing to deny any negative feelings that arise as a result of your seeming misconnection.

Misconnection is necessary at times, because it helps the seekers who experience it reach a new stage in their creativity. What we mean is that creative blocks sometimes force a person to take stock of their lives and where…

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How to Shift Your Consciousness and Raise Your Spiritual Awareness

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spiritual-awakeningHJ: Life is a journey of evolving consciousness, of continual spiritual growth and development.  This happens through our experiences.  Each is an opportunity to evolve and grow, should we understand the lesson contained therein.  Everything happens for a reason.  Everything you experience is designed to help you grow.  There is no such thing as failure — only feedback on your progress.  On the effectiveness of your mindset.  This is the key to peace and happiness in life.  When you are able to let go of how you think things should be and embrace how they are.  It is surrender, as the mystics so often speak, to the wisdom of the universe.

Below you will find sage advice on shifting your consciousness into this state, which is a giant step towards liberation of the mind and freedom of the soul.

- Truth

 A How-To…

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Dana Mrkich – The Big Quiet: The Sun Decides To Have A Siesta – 22 July 2014

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Dana Colour Pic NewWhat is just as emotionally intense as a huge solar flare? No solar flares! As in none, zip, zero for around a week now. Astronomers are calling it ‘the Big Quiet’ and are quite baffled, although it just goes to show that no matter how much we know about something, life and the universe is always one step ahead with mysteries and surprises. 

Energetically what you might assume might feel like a period of quiet is actually generating a bit of emotional irritability! Whether aware of it or not, we are influenced by solar activity. We have become used to the regular pulses of energy coming our way, and have got used to a chronic adrenalin flowing through us. 

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Lisa Gawlas – Are You Choosing The Path Of Faith Or The Path Of Your Destiny?? – 22 July 2014

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lisagawlas2First I want to start this sharing by saying thank you to Judith here on wordpress and Kristen on facebook for introducing me (us) to the crystal known as Azeztulite!  Most especially, I want to thank Robert Simmons  for his sharing of not only the crystal but of the Azez themselves.  I want to include one quote from the link (his name) of his sharing about the Azez:  There are these invisible (to us) benevolent beings, the Azez, who serve the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun, and who have awakened certain varieties of particularly receptive quartz, in special places around the Earth. These stones, as they said through Naisha, carry currents of Light which can help us to awaken, to heal, and to dissolve all our old habits of fear, illness, destruction and death. They carry the spiritual pattern of regeneration, and they hold the longing of the…

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What is Agenda: Awakening?

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Agenda: Awakening! is a new blog I’ve just started. It’s part of my quest to find a meaningful response to the destructive insanity being unleashed upon our world. I’ll be gathering articles, videos, quotes, and anything useful or inspiring, and sticking them in one place as a resource centre.

Like many people, I have experienced a lot of disruption over the last few years. I lost my job and my health, and was plunged into a dark night of the soul. I’d been there before so it was familiar territory, but I did start to wonder if this kind of permanent upheaval was to become the new normal. My health is now more or less restored (so long as I stay away from the forbidden foods!), but a new job has proved elusive.

I’m reinventing myself and seeking out a new story for my life. Doing that within the…

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Twin Flames and Sex – 17 July 2014

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Yab_Yum_Yantra_webtagFor twin flames, it is not uncommon to trigger multiple shivering ongoing orgasmic waves a just by:
1- being in each other’s company
2 – being physically near one another
3 – exchanging fleeting gazes at one another
4 – thinking of each other
5 – telepathy (no matter the distance apart)

In fact twin flames don’t need to kiss, don’t need to touch or to have sex to experience continuous body shacking waves of mind altering orgasm.

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~Urgent Message from Adama – Mount Shasta-Agartha~

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MESSAGEFROMADAMAWant to briefly share this with all of you. Those who are feeling a link to do something in Germany and Israel/Palestine/Middle East right now, please read as this message is for you. I was pulled into AGARTHA again today and spoke with ADAMA.

They will be transporting a crystal from underneath Iceland which should arrive within 10 days and place it on the border of Israel and Palestine, this crystal will affect all the surrounding regions including Egypt, etc., Adama, has asked that those of you who are inclined and feel that you have been called to do so, to connect with this crystal in 10 days on July 26th, and activate it.

I know that many of you have been asking me about this who are linked to these activities. So please remember to do so, it’s incredibly important. This crystal will assist in transmuting the energy…

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