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So many of you have reached up from the Earth into the Heavenly realms asking for help, asking for assistance, asking for miracles. Never before have the Heavenly Hosts and the Angelic Hosts heard such a cry and such a beacon of light to be broadcast. Never before have we issued millions of angels to come forth and wrap themselves all around Earth.

In the Angelic World, we wear many forms colors and energies. Sometimes we come forth as a single drop of rain upon your face. Sometimes we come forth as a breeze touching your cheek. Sometimes we can be seen in the clouds as a brilliant luminosity. Sometimes we are a single tiny dot of light and others we are big enough to embrace all of earth.

We vary in size in color and light. We vary in jobs and in position and in understandings of humans. We…

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, 19 December 2014

SaLuSa, 19 December 2014

We come to you for the last time this year, one that like others before it has sped by as time continues to flow faster than ever. Some of whom have experienced the ups and downs of life for a long time, are no doubt pleased particularly now that the end of this cycle is here. Naturally the end times are chaotic as the changes take place, but it is no easy task to bring them in when so much negativity is being cleared. However, the higher energies are bringing in the positive changes, and already they are being felt. As we have often advised you, the coming year will be notable for the implementation of many of them although we will be restricted in what we do, until the Illuminati are placed where they can no longer interfere with your progress. Much is happening that will lead to complete victory over the dark Ones, who will be unable to follow their plan for the imprisonment of Man. Continue reading

Nick McKenny & The Crystal Battery: The Next Step

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Way to Go Nick Mckenny! His last interview on The Peoples Free Energy show went viral and he got lots of interest. Nick and his wife D from Removing the Shackles have put together this important update to let everyone know how they are moving forward and how you can get involved in this exciting practical free energy project.  From D’s post:

Since the launch of Hope’s interview with Nick on The One Network, he has received many emails with questions about the Crystal Battery.  We’ve filmed this update video to answer these questions and to give more information about creating a crystal battery.

Within the next month, Nick will film a complete instruction video for turning an old car battery into a crystal battery- including how to neutralize the old battery acids and clean out the car battery safely.   We will launch this instructional video along with our…

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Christina Sarich: Are the Feds Finally About to Allow Medical Marijuana?

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legalize marijuanaWritten by Christina Sarich, Natural Society, December 18, 2014 –

The Feds are quietly about to end the decades-old drug war, and stop harassing states for medical marijuana – at least as long as a new bill tucked away on page 213 of the latest omnibus appropriations bill makes it through.

The provision states:

“. . .none of the funds made available in this Act to the Department of Justice may be used…to prevent such States from implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana,” listing 32 states, as well as the District of Columbia, where the amendment would apply.

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JAMYE PRICE ~ Weekly LightBlast: Forming Anew

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Forming Anew

Following the heart is a skill that is self-taught for most. Many were taught through fear and limitation as a child, though in truth, that was the doorway of Love most parents were taught to access. You, as a Lightworker, are reworking the definition of following the heart and creating Life. You foresee the impact of the courage to forgive and the courage to stand your ground. You honor the courage to allow another to learn through their own ‘mistakes’ with loving compassion as you exemplify a new way of being. You are supporting the growth of new wisdom on Earth. This wisdom is the innate divinity within each being, the Love that allows Life to flourish, renew and flourish again.

As you follow your heart, you are honoring the uniqueness within you and you are learning the connectedness with All Life. Your heart allows you to…

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THERESA CRABTREE ~ Mayan Messages: Discover Your Truth

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DAY 108

Lamat 4

Today is Lamat 4. It is a grand day, one of great celebration, for you have chosen to be alive on planet Earth. Many of you take your life for granted, not knowing the full magnitude of your power and Spiritual Essence. We are here to help you remember the power within yourself and the ripple effects of every conscious thought you have.

Most of you feel separated from your family and friends when they “cross over,” but this need not be, for they are as alive and vibrant as you, although their world is unseen by most of you. Those times are coming to an end, for the Veils are thinning and more people are able to see the Other Side, if only for a brief moment in time. However, these moments are life changing. How can you not believe in the After Life once…

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DL Zeta – Virtual Reality Shifts are a Doorway into Fifth-Dimensional Timelines – 12-17-14

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DL Zeta 2DL Zeta

It is possible at any time to visualize and begin aligning with the version of your reality that allows you to exist along fifth-dimensional timelines. As you gradually shift to higher-vibrational realities, struggle falls away from you; your response to the realities you encounter becomes one of acceptance and gratitude because you are able to see the blessings and higher order contained within every situation.

From this perspective, there is never a reason to allow yourself to be pulled into negative energies because love-filled alternatives exist adjacent to every moment and can be accessed in the blink of an eye.

Each time we choose love over lower alternatives, we activate new timelines and potentials that hold the power to carry us seamlessly into fifth-dimensional life tracks.

In fact, it is possible to go a step further and incubate an entire fifth-dimensional life track and begin the process of…

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